A magazine for good, short writing.

We're looking for good craftsmanship, efficiency, and an idea that’s pleasingly unusual. While we don’t demand perfection (a typo won’t doom you), we do expect high quality. Reading can be a chore when the words are sloppy and the sentences convoluted, but it’s a pleasure when the writer uses language with exuberance, creativity, and care. 

Efficiency is critical, especially in flash, because of the limited space. We’ve seen a lot of cool stories get bogged down with too many details or characters. We’ve also seen fine, lean writing lose our interest because the premise was too familiar—or simply boring. We love when we find a submission that surprises us. A talented, imaginative writer can make even the oldest themes seem new again. Take risks and test the limits. Play with it, and have fun!

As always, the best way to find out what we like to publish is to read what we've published in the past.  

The technical stuff:

We deal exclusively in flash - so all work needs to be 1,000 words or less.

We accept simultaneous submissions, and we'll take up to three pieces per author at a time. These can be submitted as one file or multiple -- it's up to you. Let us know if all or part of your submission is published elsewhere.  Please don't submit previously published work - including work on personal blogs, and please remove any identifying author information (name, address, etc.) from the file name and body of your submission.

Cover letters are nice, but not necessary.  In any case, please include a short bio (try to keep it around 50 words or less), and if you have a Twitter handle, website, blog, etc., include them.  If we accept your work, we'll also push your social networks! 

Check out the categories for guidelines specific to those genres.

Thanks for reading Treehouse!  Give us your best -- we can't wait to read it!

Note: Response time runs approximately two months from the date you submit your work.  This time frame various depends on a number of factors, and it can sometimes be shorter or longer.  We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible, and we appreciate your patience in the meantime!

Brief Encounters are flash fiction, flash nonfiction, flash genre-benders, or short poems that respond to a monthly prompt. Treehouse will suggest a prompt every four weeks or so. Pieces submitted should take into account the theme chosen by Treehouse editors as a starting point for the BE or somehow relate to the subject within the submission. Beyond that, they can do whatever they want. Brief Encounters should be no longer than 400 words. We will publish a new BE every Thursday.

The new writing prompt for our next round of Brief Encounters submissions is: When Life Gives You Lemons...

Do you make lemonade, or lemon dill potatoes? Do you light the lemons on fire and hurl them through life's windows so that it knows you're not to be screwed with? Send us your unexpected stories of making the best of a bad situation.  


Go nuts.  The only limit here is the number of words: 1,000 or less.  
Though we initially only read prose poetry, we will now consider all poetry. We prefer vivid poems that give us a sense of why they matter to the poet and reader. As with the other genres, poems should not be very long. Please send no more than three poems at a time (these can either be sent in a single document or as three separate documents).
We accept all forms of essays. We encourage our writers to try new things in the genre.
If your creative work doesn’t fit into any other category, this is the genre for you. Experimental writing is encouraged.